Whats the price for a professional chimney clean?

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We hear it all the time. $40, $100, even as high as $250 for a average sized chimney and stove system. Most being, a 20-25 foot length chimney, 6” diameter, through the ceiling, connected to a wood stove or factory built wood burning fireplace.
Let’s set the record straight.
What’s the best price for a professional chimney cleaning?

-$120 includes brushing your chimney out, using industrial weed wacker twine with a drill, flexible rods, and vacuum;
-If the we have to go on the roof, clean out, or modify the chimney cap. Its 75$;
-For around $200, we could chain whip the chimney. This is always done from the roof, using steel rods. Its mostly only ever required on masonry systems;
-WETT inspections start at $150, and a cleaning is included; and
-If you have a USB key, we could video record the insides of your chimney and fireplace for $75. Professionals also refer to this as a level 2 WETT inspection.

Experienced WETT inspectors have 3 or 4 digit certification numbers.

Remember to store firewood before October.

Enjoy whats left of these nice winter. Happy Burning!

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New: Chimney and Fireplace Scanning Services

For  as little as $150, we could come, clean your chimney, and perform video scan of your a interior chimney and fireplace.

*This also qualifys for level 2 WETT inspection

Set out better timelines for cleaning,  firewood quality, and fireplace efficiency.  Hone in your effectiveness at burning techniques, cost and safety.  Contact us today!

Mini Medusa Chimney Cleaning Kits Starting at $600

Clean your chimney like the pro’s!
WETT Chimney Cleaning Kits available starting at $600
3rd Party Liability and WETT Inspection Cleaning is also available starting at $120.
Contact us for more information, or come visit us in our private showroom.
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Vermont Castings Intrepid II Classic Catalytic Wood Stove

intrepid 2

Bordeaux enamel paint 2759$
Classic black 2029$

The enamel is about 20 pounds heavier than the flat black and there are a few other colour options. Please contact for current stock and availability.

Warming shelves and cast iron steamers are available starting at 137 to 244$ each.

Contact Whistler Chimney & Services (778) 508-7785

Firewood A La Carte


Local Services Available:

-Large, small and medium sized wood bundles, including cords.

Stacking, instruction and proper lighting of fires is also available, given proper notice.


Firewood A La Carte. Other services include:

-Emergency supply and services;

-Sweeping, wood/pellet appliance certification and repair;

-Fireplace Sales and WETT Certified Installation;

-Pest Control;

-Branch Trimming and Chipping; and,

-Air Duct, Furnace and Dryer Vent Cleaning.


New limited lifetime warrantied wood stoves, inserts and appliances coming in weekly.


Update: Quality Pemberton Valley Douglas Fir


Now hiring.

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