WETT Inspections

Wood Burning Stove's need regular inspectin.

Wood Burning Stove’s need regular inspection.

Have You Had A Chimney Inspection This Year?

We are WETT Certified.

We are WETT Certified.

We do WETT Inspections.

It is a great idea to have annual chimney inspections just to make sure everything is in working order and operating correctly.  You may be due for a cleaning or have other deficiencies that may interfere with the proper use of your fireplace, wood stove, furnace or other heating appliances. Don’t risk having a serious defect that could turn into a disaster, get your chimney inspected and cleaned by our trained technicians.


WETT Inspection:  $80 and up including a clean and quote for the necessary components to repair and/or replace your unit to something more logical for the particular heating space.


Mark your sweeps and inspections on the calendar and its go burn time!