Brick fire place installation.

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Wood Burning Stove Installation

Wood Burning Stove

We Do Fireplace Installations

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We do custom fireplace installations, regular wood burning stoves of all sizes as well stone masonry installations using brick and stone work.

Wood Burning Stoves and Inserts are most often installed for their heating characteristics. Most product today is designed with some form of heat exchange system which, combined with fans, can create a very effective form of heat.

Almost all models sold today in North America are tested to stringent efficiency and EPA emission standards. Inserts are installed into existing open wood burning fireplaces. Stainless steel liners are installed into the chimney and constrict the venting to help provide a clean, efficient and safe burn.

Freestanding wood fireplaces use a combination of smoke pipe and insulated outside air vent for proper ventilation. While the classic styles one often associates with wood stoves like Vermont Castings are still available, there are also more contemporary designs such as those manufactured by Osburn, Supreme, Valour and many other leading manufactures.

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Installations are always done to manufactures, building and WETT spec with desired and fantastic results every time!