Whats the price for a professional chimney clean?

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We hear it all the time. $40, $100, even as high as $250 for a average sized chimney and stove system. Most being, a 20-25 foot length chimney, 6” diameter, through the ceiling, connected to a wood stove or factory built wood burning fireplace.
Let’s set the record straight.
What’s the best price for a professional chimney cleaning?

-$110 includes brushing your chimney out using industrial weed wacker twine with a drill and vacuum
-If the cleaner has to go on the roof, clean out, or modify the chimney cap. Its 60$
-For around $200, we chain whip the chimney. This is always done from the roof, using steel rods. Its mostly only ever required on masonry systems.
-If you have a USB key, we could video record the insides of your chimney and fireplace for $50.
-WETT inspections are $650 kidding, someone experienced might include for free. But make sure you try and find someone with a 3 or 4 digit number. Most now are into 5 digits.

Remember to store firewood before October. Enjoy whats left of these nice summer days. Happy Burning!