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Address: 8160 Alpine Way Box 754 Whistler, BC V0N 1B0

We are active WETT BC Installers, Inspectors and Sweeps

Fireplaces, chimney sweeping, smoke tests,  critter removal, inspections and installations

Including emergency services, we take care of Sea to Sky homes, making working and living spaces more effective. When on site, our service is timely, more affordable and informative while trouble free without concerns, mess or dust.  will leave your premise operating more efficiently than when they arrived and you will be protected safely during the oncoming burning seasons with some of the best products available from our industries.

(778) 508-7785 tristan@whistlerchimney.com

We are here to help!

We are WETT Certified.

We are active Installers, Sweeps and Inspectors as members of WETT and the WETT BC Community.

Contact us today, and when our quote/proposal meets your needs, we can arrange a convenient time to visit, complete YOUR design, service or cleaning details and began work.

We provide the best manufactures and proven WETT BC qualified advice for wood burning appliances.